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Robotics for Young Children: STEM Activities and Simple Coding

Robotics for Young Children by Ann Gadzikowski will be published by Redleaf Press this fall. Pre-order here.







Books for Parents


Creating a Beautiful Mess - Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Creating a Beautiful Mess: Ten Essential Play Experiences for a Joyous Childhood

Creating a Beautiful Mess by Ann Gadzikowski describes the ten essential play experiences that all children need and enjoy. Practical tips for parents are woven among engaging scenarios and expert child development perspectives. From Redleaf Press.

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Books for Teachers

Ann Gadzikowski - Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in Early Childhood Classrooms

Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in Early Childhood Classrooms

Nearly every early childhood classroom has an exceptionally bright child — from the child who starts reading independently at age three to the child who would rather take apart his tricycle than ride on it. Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in Early Childhood Classrooms offers strategies to help you create a richer learning environment where exceptionally bright children are encouraged to learn beyond prescribed curriculum goals. Order Online

Ann Gadzikowski - Story Dictation - A Guide for Early Childhood Professionals

Story Dictation

Story Dictation offers an easy, yet powerful, early learning tool: Listening to children’s stories and writing them down word for word. Story dictation builds a range of skills, including literacy and abstract thinking abilities, while helping fulfill early learning standards. “An excellent how-to resource guide for all early childhood professionals who want to use an effective, developmentally appropriate activity to tap into a young child’s imaginative and creative energies in order to develop her skills in language, literacy and a host of other learning domains.” — SpringerLink

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Books for Children

Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Picture Book under Construction

Coming soon! A STEM picture book by Ann Gadzikowski is now in the works for 2017. Stay tuned for further developments.


Cattle Driving Horses - Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Nonfiction Readers

Ann Gadzikowski is the author of nonfiction leveled readers published by MacMillan McGraw Hill.

The Wise Blackbird - Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Fiction Readers

Three fiction stories by Ann Gadzikowski are included in Heinemann’s Leveled Literacy collection. Titles include The Wise Blackbird, The Lucky Penny, and The Baby Bird.

Curriculum and Textbooks

Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Tech Beginnings Curriculum

Ann Gadzikowski is currently writing and developing a PreK-Grade 3 curriculum that teaches coding, animation and robotics to young children. Ann’s unique approach combines cutting-edge tech innovations with traditional hands-on and developmentally appropriate teaching practices.

Administration Textbook - Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

College-Level Textbook

Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs by Ann Gadzikowski provides college students with an overview of the core knowledge necessary to lead an early childhood program. This e-textook is available through Thuze.

Story Path Restaurant - Ann Gadzikowski - Author and Educator

Pre-K Storypath

Ann Gadzikowski edited Pre-K Storypath, a role-playing and problem-solving curriculum, written by Margit E. McGuire of Seattle University.

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