My NAEYC workshop on “Young Children and Climate Change” focuses on the importance of exploratory play in building children’s creativity, resilience, and hope. Play empowers children as change agents because it prepares them for imagining and constructing solutions to problems.

I advocate for prioritizing play that

  1. Nurtures joy in the natural world
  2. Builds problem-solving skills
  3. Teaches content knowledge (water, weather, and engineering)
  4. Models and supports empathy and care

Here are just a few of the resources shared during my session:

United Nations


ARNAC climate report

LEGO Foundation play resources

Learning In Places

Growing Up Boulder

Reggio Children

Children must be seen as valued and capable participants in our response to climate change, and their early education must be supported in ways that build competence and a strong sense of empowerment to meet future challenges with hope and optimism.

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