Digital gaming in the lives of young children is the subject of my recent interview for the Center for Talent Development newsletter:

“Use technology in moderation. Use it with your child so that you’re not just supervising but engaging in it, having fun and enjoying it together. As kids get older, they can use apps and games on their own, but parents should always know what a child is doing. Screen time—both the quality and quantity—should follow a plan that parents and children make together.

“There are, however, wonderful ways to use digital technology to enrich the lives of young children.  A baby can sit on his parent’s lap and Skype with grandparents two states away. A parent deployed overseas in the military can read a bedtime story to her toddler via Facetime. No one would argue with these uses of technology, given the context and the relationships being strengthened in the process. I think we need to be more open to how children may benefit from technology.”

Listen to the interview here:


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