This fall I will be leading two online workshops for educators who are interested in teaching coding and robotics to young students.

Workshops & Dates:

Introducing Coding to Young Students

October 9-22, 2017

Introducing Robotics to Young Students

October 30-November 5, 2017


Workshop Description: Introducing Coding to Young Students

Learn to introduce young children, early childhood through grade 3, to important coding concepts through playful, developmentally appropriate activities. Many early childhood and elementary school professionals may be unfamiliar with teaching computer science, robotics, and engineering concepts in the classroom, but the foundational concepts and skills are easy to understand and apply. This course will provide:

  • An overview of foundational computer science concepts appropriate for young learners,
  • Practical ideas for early childhood and primary grade teachers and administrators,
  • An interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on tangible, social, and “unplugged” activities,
  • Recommendations for high quality educational apps, websites, and games.

No coding or robotics experience is required to participate.

Cost: $225 per participant; $200 per person for 3 or more participants from one district; $200 for CTD instructors

To register:






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